Thursday, June 9, 2011


We don't often post things about other exhibitions and events here (although we should, but we are time poor and lazy too). But one show that has caught our eye here is AWARENESS MUSCLE at the vanishing point in Newtown. A bunch of artists asked to keep a journal over a short period of time to respond to the mainstream or otherwise media. It's an enaging but simple format. And then of course there's the ladies who put it together Saha Jones and Nicole Dennis

"Emergency Rooms consider artists as the cultural barometers of society, using creativity to raise important questions. Thierry says that in order to produce any answers we must produce effort. In the same sense that memory can be trained, an acute awareness can be developed by an effort. This becomes scrutinized through metaphorical de-conditioning exercises which stimulate what he has termed the 'Awareness Muscle', and perhaps this kind of competency is what is lacking in contemporary art.
Saha Jones and Nicole Dennis directors of THE ACADEMY OF EMERGENCY ART SYDNEY bring together a collection of videos documenting their activation of critical formats since beginning a mentorship with French- Danish format artist Thierry Geoffroy in early 2010.
Thierry’s Emergency Rooms movement has launched formats all over the world which respond to emergencies of the day. Nicole and Saha are the first to establish an independent version of his movement, where they work in partnership with him to bring these ideas to an Australian audience. The exhibition will also combine new works created by a selection of Emergency artists who have been invited to participate in a kind of awareness muscle training"

Awareness Muscle Film Screening, Thursday 16 June 7-9pm
Artist's Critical Run, Thursday 23 June 6-7pm