Who are Bill + George? 

Bill and George is a fanciful hybrid beast. It functions as the creative headquarters for more than a dozen handsome artists. It’s also an artist run initiative, a community merging point, and an inspired hub for adventurous conversation.

Bill and George is comprised of 11 individual multi disciplinary artist studios, a rehearsal/dance floor, a librarium for small press publications, and a long dinner table for gatherings of all types. We support artist residencies and peer to peer showings of new work to deepen practice through critical thinking. In the past we have run a program called artSlab which was among other things, a slow cooking space to exploring new ways for presenting ‘art’ as process based and collaborative. Currently we are hosting the Librarium: an archive and distro of beautifully crafted text and image based objects through which we often host discussions or hot conversations. 

 What is Bill + George?  

Emerging from the fallout of post-wedding circle bliss, Bill and George commenced proceedings in May 2006 and continued negotiations for another 12 months before finally signing a five year lease in August 2007. Bill and George is managed by a core collective of 5 artists from a range of disciplines. You can find their profiles here.

Bill and George is the name of the building at Level 1/10 – 16 William St and is legally auspiced by the incorporated organisation Pabrik Productions. In accordance with the aims and objectives of Pabrik Productions, Bill and George functions as both artist run initiative and as a professional creative industry studio complex. The primary purpose of this artist led initiative is to provide affordable studio space for interdisciplinary artists within a collaborative environment, and to encourage and support experimental and hybrid practice through its program of activities.