Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Yes aesthetically inclined people, 3 studios have become available at Bill+George. Like hotcakes they will be gobbled up quickly so work out how many pretty pennies you have to invest in your creative future. We are having a bit of a restructure of sorts which means that 3 whole spaces have become available. See what you think by enquiring at info at billandgeorge dot org. PRICES $250 OR $440 OR $500 (including GST) PER MONTH depending on preference of size. Includes ALL utilities including the internets, a gorgeous sun drenched kitchen, hot tub and goodlooking creative professionals a plenty! Hotchacha!!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

URGENT: Donations required for Sipon, wife of murdered Indonesian artist and activist Widji Thukul

CALL FOR SUPPORT: The wife of well known Indonesian poet, Widji Thukul needs help. Siphon is currently in an Indonesian hospital receiving treatment for liver dysfunction. Sipon is the wife of legendary peoples poet Widji Thukul who was disappeared by the Indonesian Military during the uprising in 1998. Siphon has 2 children, one of whom Wani, is now taking after her father and writing and publishing her own poetry. Widji's family live in a modest kampung in Solo, Central Java, and have nothing. Siphon has been supporting her family on her own since Widji was forced into the underground in 1995.