Tuesday, February 1, 2011

URGENT: Donations required for Sipon, wife of murdered Indonesian artist and activist Widji Thukul

CALL FOR SUPPORT: The wife of well known Indonesian poet, Widji Thukul needs help. Siphon is currently in an Indonesian hospital receiving treatment for liver dysfunction. Sipon is the wife of legendary peoples poet Widji Thukul who was disappeared by the Indonesian Military during the uprising in 1998. Siphon has 2 children, one of whom Wani, is now taking after her father and writing and publishing her own poetry. Widji's family live in a modest kampung in Solo, Central Java, and have nothing. Siphon has been supporting her family on her own since Widji was forced into the underground in 1995.

Bill and George was a key space in the hosting of 2 Gang festivals 2006 and 2008 and fostered many friendships and collaborations. Cofounder and director Rebecca Conroy has spent many years living among Indonesian artists activists and friends of Widji's communities.

"Widji was and remains an important figure in my life, before he disappeared, and still to this day. I know very well how expensive medical treatment is in Indonesia, and have previously lost two friends in Jakarta from curable diseases simply because they couldn't afford the treatment." says Rebecca Conroy, co-founder of Bill and George and co-director of Gang Festival.

If you are able to donate (even $20 can do so much in Indonesia), Bill and George Artist Run Space (Pabrik Productions Inc.) can be the conduit for funds before transferring them to the Indonesian based bank account.

If you want to be part of a joint donation you can deposit into the Bill+George Account:

Commonwealth Bank
BSB: 06 2498
ACC: 1006-1327

Please email bill and george
(info at billandgeorge dot org) to let us know you have deposited: In ten days we will send an email to everyone who has responded with a receipt of the transfer so you know it has all gone ahead.

Wani and Fajar still very much need their mother.

Here is some writing that Rebecca did about Widji and his family when Gang Festival published an anthology of work 2 years ago called "Gang Re:publik" (www.gangfestival.com)

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