Friday, November 21, 2008


Hey kids - sunday afternoon book launch. 5PM 7TH DECEMBER

Monday, November 17, 2008


It’s hair lip for some, and Tom Selleck to others (HOT 80’s private eye) - word up to the men doing it for health bits this MOW-VEMBER. Some seriously ugly moustaches parading around Sydney at the moment. 

Other news: We are so proud of Bill and George crew member Rhoda and her team at Little and Loud.

Little and Loud is currently focused on supporting Fote Primary School in the Solomon Islands. Please check out their stories, videos and photos, donate and spread the word! feature on them:

ARTSLAB is hurtling towards the tail end of its occupancy and hence towards something something fabulous. Its called Keepin it Smoochy Smoocy. AKA KISS CLUB. DECEMBER 5. Stay tuned for excitement (and more details)


Gang Re:publik Book Launching

SUNDAY DECEMBER 7. Live Music. Food and Drinks. 5PM

gang re:Publik (indonesia-australia creative adventures)

Gang Re:publik is a brand new anthology of creative exchange from Indonesia and Australia with 200 pages of previously unpublished essays, stories, conversations and illustrations from over 40 fabulous contributors. Edited by Alexandra Crosby, Rebecca Conroy, Suzan Piper, Jan Cornall

((Gang Festival and creative exchange is an artist-led initiative celebrating the deep links between Indonesian and Australian community arts. Gang Festival takes as its theme the Indonesian word for alleyway. It straddles a dual reference to small roads and particular social groupings; it refers to the space betwixt and between more permanent and conventional roads and roles. In Indonesian communities, ‘gang’, forms a critical artery in Kampung culture, where local trade and communities thrive in close proximity to one another. Gangs also evoke images of crevices, margins, and a rich density of peripheral culture. We also draw from the English meaning of the word to describe an exciting cross-cultural collaboration between a large number of art workers who situate their work on the margins of commercial art practice in Australia and Indonesia.))