Friday, August 15, 2008


Lets imagine that it’s the 8th of the 8th month in 2008 and we got this web news out in time.

Instead we were probably stitching up a fabulous meeting with the next round of artSlab-ists who we are proud to announce are: Performance making duo Kaz Therese and Lizzie Thompson; and visual artists Skye Gibson and Claire Conroy. Together these creative ventures will collude and cross fertilise occasionally, trading and sharing ideas as they work on their respective projects in the space. WELCOME!


On the 19th October the creative skeletons of chippendale will open up to the public for a tour of spaces and industries in a crafty murketing slash networking slash community exercise. Part of Art and About (City of Sydney), Peep show has been in development for some time, taking in ideas from collaborating organs and artists about how to show off and start some serious conversations about getting networked and robust in a local economy kind of way. Bill and George are taking part even though we do straddle the fringe of chippendale, but we still feel a kind of ethnic heritage to the area from the wedding circle days and when Gang festival first roamed the laneways of chippo way back stay posted and tuned.


Errr....there is none...errr


Bill and George is still trying to put up its curtains. If anyone knows anyone with some spare tab tracks lying around, pray tell....

Our dream of getting a version of a sprung floor has just taken a gigantic leap forward with news of some dedicated sponsorship. We will announce this when the details are locked in. Suffice to say we are elated. And so are many dancing knees across Sydney. But particularly Hosi's knees, which we can hear squealing with joy right now.

POSTS POSTS AND POSTS: exciting things moving



Calling all imaginative and talented artists and activists! Could you or someone you know create a political poster that can stand alongside the great political posters of the past, and is also meaningful and relevant to the future?

Jura Books is looking for artists of all ages, styles and levels of experience to submit entries for a political poster design competition. The general theme of the poster should be to explore some aspect of the past 30 years of radical struggle in Sydney, and/or imagine what you would like the world to look like in 30 years time. The poster must also celebrate Jura Books in some way - past, present and/or future, and include our name and website (or street address) somewhere on the poster.

Jura Books has been operating as a centre for social change and innovation for 30 years, and we currently combine a bookshop, library, food co-op and organising space. Over the years we have supported a vast range of political collectives and struggles - feminist, youth, enviro, art, publishing, workers control, and many more. We have put on hundreds of events, from film nights and punk gigs to political actions and worker organising conferences. Jura is also home to one of Australia's best political poster archives. (check out images and more about our politics on our website).

The poster design competition is about commemorating this history, and also building towards an even better future. The entries will be exhibited at Jura and we will produce 1000 copies of the winning design. The winner will also receive a book prize pack valued at $100, as well as the satisfaction of helping a worthwhile cause, and eternal fame/notoriety. The winning design will also be used to help promote and raise money to improve Jura and the political poster archive.

Posters Due before 30th September

Design Size: A2 (59.4cm x 42cm)

For the more info:

The Jura Collective

440 Parramatta Rd, Petersham

9550 9931

Opening hours:

Thursday 11am-7pm / Friday 11am-7pm /

Saturday 12pm-5pm / Sunday 12pm-5pm

JURA Books currently stocks all 3 Breakdown Press Poster Series!