Monday, June 30, 2008

Bill and George are so hot right now.

Actually we are very cold in our artic warehouse, but new theatre curtains in our rehearsal space should warm things up a bit. They have arrived (finally) and will be rigged in our beautiful space by the end of next week. A round of applause.

What else….?

artSlab DEADLINE EXTENDED until the 15th July. Check out the projects page for details. If you are an artist working in collaborative practice in any medium/discipline and need space with an exciting project then you probably need to apply. Talk to us!

We have decided to open up our lobby space to exhibitions and viewings of work. Our launch date is in November (we are sooo organised) but we will keep you posted as the date looms closer. But this is exciting as we are now riding the crest of the artistic wave, now that the establishment/building phase is but a distant memory. The focus on the viewing space (to be called The Lobby) is for artists with not a lot of money (that’s most of us) or time (that’s all of us) to mount a modest sized exhibition in a DIY fashion, ie. Do it Yourself. We can offer a prepped space of 4 walls approx 35m2 and host your opening. All for 200 bucks for two weeks. Sweet huh! The launch is pitched for the 7th November and will be a group show of all the Bill+Georgeous people in the space. Stay very tuned.

We have inadvertently become part of rumblings on Kensington street near the old CUB site. Plans to hold a preliminary gathering/information evening at Bill and George towards the middle of July to discuss possibilities of how his should go ahead. If you have queries/interest please contact bek at

Tango lovers will be going loco when they find out that we are launching the first of a regular milonga at bill and george on the 15th July. To be known as ‘El Local’ the gig promises sweet dancing for tango dancers of all types 9pm til the wee hours.