Sunday, May 11, 2008

We're online!

Wow wowowoowowoo hoo!!!
Bill and George have finally arrived in cyberspace, taking their brand free new space to the information superhighway. Here you can find out what the hell we are on about and send us messages of love and adulation.

But first: this weeks musings

Our friends from Aerialize together with the very gorgeous Liz Martin and the god dammit child prodigies Bridzilla are performing in an aerial club night at the studio Opera house on May 16 & 17 called “Walking on Air”. Check them out here

And book tickets as soon as you finish reading this sentence because one show has already sold out, and they are only doing two. STOP PRESS: Oh my goodness it is all sold out! BUT don’t worry, they are providing an extra show for the desperate ones that missed out. Double woop.

ALSO our very special and most favourites friends and cohorts from Queens street studios are having their annual space aid art auction on May 17. Rsvp essential!! Visit here. We are comrades in arms so any support for them is support for us too!

By George!! Said the City of Sydney to Bill and George and they invited us to submit a proposal for the laneways project in the city called, By George! Only four projects will be chosen in the end and so we have been bunkered down in our creative think tanks (undisclosed location) to dream up an alternative universe that can be executed on the streets without going over budget or overtly stepping on political toes. Tough call. But we are energised by lots of ideas and hope to draw on a number of our associate artists who have been part of our work in various ways over the years. How excitement.

In other news, Ruby and Bubbles are getting bigger.

And yes, Bek (who recently sleep walked out her first storey bedroom window on the morning of her 34th birthday) has only got another 39 sleeps to go before she can walk without the aid of her Frida Kahlo vest and matching crutches. At which point she will run like Forest Gump around the world several times and grow a beard. Presently she remains wide awake and (still) dreaming.